Once upon a time, a mighty king was riding to get the evils out of his land. Dangerous, were those evils indeed. But he rode without fear with his army, although not a very big one, on his side. People look from far away and silent prayers whispered out of their mouth, for the good of their king, for the good of their men, sons, and brothers, and off-course for the good of their land.

They searched and searched, amidst dark forests, sloppy mountains, and deep ravines but no sign of the evil forces except only for desolate villages, burned down firms, fields and emptied store-houses.

And then, on the way of another search, the army came across a sight, most unfortunate and brutal of its kind. Thousands of men, women and even children laid ruthlessly butchered on the ground and a murder of wild crows and vultures feasting on them. The king became determined, more than ever, after seeing this merciless brutality, to demolish this evil force for ever.

But a senior advisor came and addressed the king, “My Lord, have you not seen the brutality of them, that you have decided further to trace their marks? How, with such a small army can we possibly stand against such a brutal evil force? Look, they haven’t even spared the women and the children.” The king, with all his magnificence, uttered only one sentence, and all the men obeyed undoubtedly, “My men, we are lucky that we are not women and children”.


Terrific optimism, I would say. Don’t you agree? Yes, it is indeed, and it’s also about the perspective with which you see things. With a wrong perspective, even the most beautiful of things will look the ugliest and with some other, the most terrible thing might as well represent a fair amount of hope. It’s solely upon you what you want to choose.

Scientifically speaking, if the net charge of everything in this world is zero, then obviously it is the result of a perfect balance between exact number of negative and positive, isn’t it? Now you can ponder over the negativity, or else there is a whole lot of positive side for you. If one particular picture can be edited in such two ways that one represents sunrise and the other, sunset, then why do need to think of the darkness or the scorching heat that is about to come? Why can’t you choose to think of the beauty that is presently in front of your eyes, and the other beauties those are about to come?

If I take the over-used example of that half-filled bottle, you can say its half-empty, or you can say its half-full, but wait, there is more. You can as well say the bottle is not being used to its full capacity, or even better, the bottle is double the size it needs to be. Which to choose? As I said, it is upon you.

Is it a stupid way of thinking? Is it like befooling yourself? If they say, let them say. At the end of the day, it’s you who will be happier. So: “Don’t worry, be happy”.


before its long gone

I wont ask you whether you have visited a countryside or not, Because that obviously has become very rare. Truly. If you talk about travel destination today, people ( I am not talking about the minority of  “adventure is out there”-type) has started opting more for Foreign countries, cruises, expensive hotels and if nothing else, and that is the saddest part, malls!!! And they expect to find peace of mind in these!

What has happened to the human that is a fruit of nature who used to live inside every human soul? Dead? No, I don’t think so. Its still there, you see! Can you feel it beating secretly inside your heart? I know you do. But, oh! Those damn restrictions not to reveal it out.

But, there is another problem too. Keeping in mind the rate-race we are taking part in, off to a far away highland prairie really doesn’t seem to be feasible without proper planing for several days. Understandable. So what if you suddenly want some fresh cool air inside your lungs?  I would suggest, just take your bike, or the car, and your loved ones with you and off you be, simply for a drive in some countryside road. Is it difficult to find one? Not yet. But soon to be, I fear. So just put everything off your mind, and start to breathe the coolness of the fresh leafy air. I bet, you will find what peace is defined as. So come on now, before its too late, before that motorized vehicle smoke-cover the simple awesomeness of the cow-herder passing through a tree-caved path.

city of joy

This one is just in memories of the city where I lived (not just stayed) for six long years and some people around me, who made those years absolutely unforgettable. I was just going through some folders for a pic to be uploaded, and came across this one…brought a whole lot of memories back to me. Couldn’t help sharing it. Miss you all a lot….

building blocks

This is exactly what I was talking about, looking within. Do not just let your eye roll over the objects you see, let hem take some rest on them, and suddenly the inner nature of our Mother Nature will dawn into your mind.



They say that the sum is greater then the parts. So a forest appeals more than a tree.  But what about the tiny leaves of the creeper in your backyard? What about the mesmerizing patterning of its veins? There is enough wonder around us, enough for our pair of eyes, we just need to keep it open and observe, but not only see.